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I do not take old CRT TV's, but you can pay a $20 recycle charge. I do take big screens and all flat panel TV’s including plasma sets for free, call me to make sure.


Things you should try before bringing your unit in for service.


The first thing you should always do if the VCR in not working right, is to unplug the unit from the AC power plug for about 10 to 30 minutes. This will reset the computers inside the unit and sometimes fixes strange problems. This holds true for all computerized equipment. (TVs, VCRs, microwaves, stereo equipment etc)

Cleaning and lubrication seems to only fix picture playback problems (displays  ‘snow’ interference, no picture, or happens all of a sudden) and now all tapes I try to play are all ‘snow’ and has sound. Cleaning and lubrication will often fix this problem. You may want to try a cleaning tape, but only try this once or twice because they are very abrasive and can damage the video heads if you are not careful. I would suggest having them cleaned and lubricated at least once a year. It is the lubrication process that will give you the most life out of your equipment.


If you have color patches in the corners of the screen; they may be caused by a strong magnet, like a speaker, that may have gotten close to the screen at one time. This will magnetize the metal grid in the picture tube causing the colored patches to appear. Normally, you would use a degaussing coil to fix this problem, but you can fix this problem yourself, as long as the problem is not caused by something in the degauss circuit that is not going bad inside the TV set. Try taking something with a strong AC magnet; like an old gun style soldering iron, holding the iron on its side. Turn on the TV and hold on the trigger for soldering iron and move in close to the center of the screen. You should see a very bad wavy distortion on the screen. Start from the center and in a circle motion move to the outer edges and then to the center again. Move the solder iron as far away from the TV screen as possible before turning it off. This will help de-magnetize the picture tube and help get rid of the color patches. You may have to repeat this several times to get it all out.

Snow picture or bad reception.

Be sure and check all cable connections. Replace cables when you are not sure. Try playing a video source to the TV, like a VHS tape in a VCR, or having the tv on  channel 3 . If the picture looks good playing back to the TV and nothing or lots of snow, then the VCR is disconnected and cable is re-connected. Most of the time the problem it not in the TV; it is in the cable wiring. I have seen tuners go bad and lose all upper channels or lower channels as well.

Dead set, the TV will not turn on.

There are lots of things that cause this problem. If you have checked all electrical connections and power switches, then unit will need to be serviced.


Power supply failure or something in the High Voltage section may be shorted. You can check the fuse inside the set if you feel like taking on a small challenge. Be very careful, because there is a lot of high voltage inside the set. Just because the set is unplugged from the wall does not mean you can not or will not get a bad shock from the components on the inside of the set. You must replace the fuse with the exact type and size that came out or you could damage the set a lot more when plugged back in again. Fuses normally blow for a reason like a short someplace inside the set. It is a rare occurrence that when I replace a fuse the set works fine. Maybe you could have about a 5% chance that a fuse fixes the problem. I would, however, suggest that you bring the set to a qualified repair shop to be on the safe side to be checked out.

I have been servicing equipment for quite some time and some model TV's and VCR's have repeated problems. If you let me know what kind of unit it is; age of unit, and manufacturer, I may be able to give you an idea of repair cost if I have seen the problem before on other sets.