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Recycle your old computers and other electronics for free!
I do not take old CRT TV's, but you can pay a $20 recycle charge. I do take big screens and all flat panel TV’s including plasma sets for free, call me to make sure.

TV Repair & Computer Recycle in St. Charles;

St. Peters, Wentzville & O’Fallon, MO

BAS Electronics specializes in electronic repair and computer recycling in St. Charles, St. Peters and O'Fallon, Missouri. As one of the more reliable electronics shops in Missouri, you always get your money's worth.  With services and unbelievably affordable pricing, you are guaranteed a great bang for your every buck. With BAS Electronics, you can save a chunk of your hard earned money as BAS Electronics  can  restore any old or damaged equipment through efficient repair services offered at a lower cost.

Being in the electronic repair industry since 1984 and having a BBB Rating of A+, surely no project is too big or too small for BAS Electronics to handle. With enough experience in handling different electronics equipment through the years, BAS Electronics surely delivers on all your  electronics repair and servicing needs.

BAS Electronics  repairs all brands and models of TV’s to ensure not only a clear projection, but better  audio and video performance as well;  whether it's a plasma, LCD, projector, big screen television, or what have you. Since we know how cheap new equipment has become nowadays, we make sure that we give our clients a ‘heads up’ on the estimate of their repair cost.  

BAS Electronics also boasts  profound knowledge and reliable expertise in repairing VCR, home stereo;  LCD monitor; DVD players; recorders, and other electronic equipment. The client’s equipment is guaranteed a quality and affordable fix once it is entrusted into our service.

So if you have any electronic equipment of value in need of repair, and you are in the Wentzville; St. Charles, St. Peters and O’Fallon, Missouri area; BAS Electronics is your one stop repair company who will cater to your needs at an affordable price.

Be sure and check out any company before you deal with them

to make sure you get the quality of service you expect.

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Call my friends at

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