LED TV Repair in St. Louis, MO

Whether you tune in for the nightly news or love to binge-watch your favorite shows, the TV is part of most people’s everyday life. It’s convenient to turn on and zone out while you relax. But if your TV isn’t working right, it puts a damper on your whole experience!

If your TV won’t turn on or has picture problems or sound issues, bring it to BAS Electronics TV & Electronics Video Repair. We’ll restore your TV to proper working condition, so you can get on with relaxing, watching the programming you enjoy most.

  • LED TVs: Our experience with LED TV repair in St. Louis, MO means you’re getting a truly knowledgeable approach to repairs and component replacements. We service LED TVs across a range of brands and sizes. We replace and repair T-con boards, power supplies, main boards, damaged screens and more. If you have lines, shading, blank screen, audio problems or other issues that prevent you from watching television, we’re ready to solve them.
  • LCD TVs: We’re knowledgeable in all types of LCD TV repair in St. Louis, MO, including backlight inverters, T-con boards, power supplies, main boards and more. If your LCD TV won’t turn on, flashes a blank screen or makes a buzzing noise, count on us to troubleshoot it and deliver the right part replacement and repairs.
  • Flat screen TVs: No backlight? No picture? Ghosting or shading? These are all issues common for flat screen televisions—issues we know how to solve. We handle flat screen TV repair in St. Louis, MO in whatever capacity you need. Our mission is to get your TV working properly again, with crystal clear video and crisp audio, for an enjoyable viewing experience.

Contact BAS Electronics TV & Electronics Video Repair today at 636-926-2911 and let us know what’s wrong with your TV. We’ll diagnose the problem and provide repairs fast, saving you the cost of buying a whole new one!